A Big Thank You For All Your Support

First of all i want to thank everyone who is involved in etsy and despite the machine age, they still care about handmade crafts. I would like to explain a little bit about how i found my passion.
As far as i remember due to our financial pressures, i started sweeping floors at a silversmith workshop.
Since it was very interesting to me that how could it be possible to change a dirty unshaped metal to a beautiful and shiny masterpiece, i started being curious.
At the same time one of the workers saw my enthusiasm and helped me to learn some simple techniques.
After all little by little i saved and bought a small table for myself, started working in the corner of our garage. At that time my major was making silver boxes, mirror frames and candle sticks but since i moved to United States and i live in a small apartment, it is easier to make smaller pieces.
At the end i hope i can go back to my main major again and make everything for every taste.
I hope you like my shop.

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